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Outdoorsmen.com Launches ERP System With Built in AI, Automation, CRM, Finance, HR and eMarketing

Outdoorsmen Ai powered ERP SaaS - Cloud Application
 GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO, FEBRUARY 7, 2024 – Outdoorsmen.com, Inc., a social media and e-commerce technology company operating in the sporting goods industry, announced today that it has launched an AI integrated ERP software as a service (SaaS) multifaceted business management system that includes modules for accounting, finance, customer and inventory management, production planning, manufacturing, supply chain, eMarketing and customer order handling to name just a few; when used effectively, it helps streamline operations and ensure data consistency across departments of the companies that are owned by Outdoorsmen.com, and its clients.

The ERP market was valued at $63.33 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $187.79 billion by 2030

Outdoorsmen's ERP with built in AI, Automation and Cloud Access

There is an integration of generative AI in the Outdoorsmen ERP systems, enhancing various aspects including transactions, financial operations, supply chain and manufacturing management. Specifically, AI improves financial analysis by detecting trends and anomalies and facilitating accurate forecasting and budgeting. It also optimizes inventory management with predictive analytics to maintain ideal stock levels. Additionally, AI improves HR functions within ERP by analyzing résumés and profiles to select the best candidates, plus forecasting employee turnover and recommending training or career development strategies.

The Outdoorsmen ERP AI software enhances customer relations by powering chatbots and virtual assistants in all Outdoorsmen applications used by companies and their customers, helping to modernize processing of customer inquiries and orders. While the Outdoorsmen ERP systems primarily employ AI functionalities for internal operations and data management, our customer relationship management software uses AI to enhance customer interactions and engagement. For example, our AI powered ERP can process data to hone demand forecasting for clients, which can then guide their Outdoorsmen ERP-CRM in planning targeted marketing campaigns.

Automation is increasingly required for ERP systems, especially through robotic process automation and low-code automation platforms. So the Outdoorsmen ERP uses this approach, so that our client businesses can achieve a higher level of process automation, reducing the need for manual interventions and enhancing the speed and accuracy of their automation processes.

AI and automation combined in the Outdoorsmen ERP systems also expand its analytics capabilities for clients, making it easier to gather and analyze data across different business functions and modules in our ERP system. Those results can then provide insights into performance, demand forecasting, customer behaviors, inefficiencies and financial and risk factors. Such advanced analytics integrated into the Outdoorsmen ERP systems help our clients make informed decisions and prepare their businesses for future challenges.

Business operators in the outdoor economy should be aware that the ERP market is shifting towards cloud-based solutions, especially as working remotely becomes more entrenched in the U.S. and abroad. We are seeing more businesses with global operations in multiple locations adopt cloud-based ERP systems due to the flexibility provided by running in the cloud. Currently, 64% of companies shopping for an ERP are looking for a SaaS system, with 21% preferring fully cloud-based options, versus 15% choosing on-premises systems. This trend reflects a dominant increase in cloud-based ERP; the value of the cloud-based ERP market is projected to grow from $49.80 billion in 2023 to $140.14 billion by 2030, representing a CAGR of 15.9% during this period—with 80% of new implementations being cloud-based.

Traditional ERP systems based in a central cloud are shifting towards more flexible and distributed setups like the Outdoorsmen ERP system, that makes the most of multi-cloud and edge computing. It's essential that companies shopping for an ERP look at our cloud-based Ai powered ERP system and add-on modules so they can integrate across different cloud platforms and utilize edge computing. The Outdoorsmen Ai powered ERP SaaS - Cloud Application is more globally accessible, faster, and cost effective than traditional ERP systems.

About Outdoorsmen.com, Inc.

Outdoorsmen.com is one of the largest digital media and technology companies in North America, solely devoted to the hundreds of millions of outdoors men and business operators that contribute to an annual gross economic output of $862 billion from the U.S. outdoor economy. Their social networking technology brands cover the spectrum of the outdoor economy – from hunting and fishing to tennis, and from soccer and youth sports to biking, the millions of online users rely on Outdoorsmen.com for the best, most entertaining, useful, and relevant social connections. Outdoorsmen.com is a proud member of the Outdoor Industry Association. https://outdoorindustry.org

Learn more about Outdoorsmen.com, Inc. by going to https://www.outdoorsmen.com/investing

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Lynn Murphy / CEO
Outdoorsmen.com, Inc.
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